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Retrofit Lift Systems

These gas spring lift systems can easily be retrofitted to existing workstations, equipment, furniture and platforms to raise, lower or tilt worksurface to fit the user’s comfort zone. Ergonomically adjustable equipment raises productivity, decreasing the chances of injury. With better posture, worker’s health is enhanced. Lift systems are available in five (5) different adjustment ranges and are capable of lifting loads of up to 1,000 lbs. Level elevation is achieved even when the system is subjected to unbalanced loading conditions. Attach the pump, route the flexible tubing and bolt on the cylinder – that’s all there is to it

Models Available for Quick–Ship Program:

MQS-00001 Adjustment Range 150mm (5.9"), Lift Capacity 750 lbs.
MQS-00002 Adjustment Range 200mm (7.9"), Lift Capacity 750 lbs.
MQS-00003 Adjustment Range 300mm (11.8"), Lift Capacity 750 lbs.
MQS-00004 Adjustment Range 400mm (15.8"), Lift Capacity 750 lbs.
MQS-00005 Adjustment Range 150mm (5.9"), Lift Capacity 1000 lbs.
MQS-00006 Adjustment Range 230mm (9.1"), Lift Capacity 1000 lbs.
MQS-00007 Adjustment Range 300mm (11.8"), Lift Capacity 1000 lbs.

Systems by model above include:
  • One pump unit driven by unique fold away hand crank
  • Two 8 ft. sections of flexible tubing
  • Four lift cylinders
  • Ten tubing clips (adhesive backed)
  • A tube shortening kit

MOVOTEC "Bolt-on" Lift Systems & Components

Custom systems are available using 1 to 8 cylinders handling load capacities of up to 1,500 lbs. allowing for a broad range of applications or structures.

Motorized units are also available as substitute for manual hand crank or standard systems.

"Bold on" Lift Systems Movotec Drives, Pumps, Connectors, Cylinders, Accessories, Refill Kits.

Movotec Pumps - Dual Drive for 8 cylinder lift systems

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